Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Humane Connection 1: Breakfast Poems

There was a method to my madness when, last week, I was asking around Instagram for poets to contribute to a new project, seemingly, around the subject of Breakfast. The responses I received to this off-the-wall idea ranged from no response to surprise, confusion, excitement, literal light.

From my vantage point, and discerning by the results below, it appears that human & humane connection via social media is possible. Or, more precisely, all roads lead back to the Original Wheel. 

We (those who participated in the first Humane Connection round) hopefully already know that humane & human connection is possible via poetry. Therefore, for further exploration in future versions of this project, my question now is: How does the poet achieve humane connection? With the hypothesis that this process or 'achievement' or 'end' may not be an achievement or end at all, and might instead be the Original Wheel. My hypothesis, now, is that human connection is not an end to poetry, human connection is not an achievement of the poet, rather--human & humane connection is what brought the poet to the poem in the first place. The original wheel. Questions revolving around this hypothesis: What may the different 'paths' to & from this reason for coming to the poem (humane connection) look like? How does each poet understand, or find mystery within, the connection as they themselves understand & find mystery within this phenomena of human connection, this desire or appreciation for knowing & being known? Also, what might be other aspect of connecting, relating to and empathizing with one's fellow human beings that seems to be beyond knowledge. Is there such a state or phenomena? What might influence a forging & possessing of gratitude for connecting with one's fellow human beings, aside from knowledge? Etcetera. 

Side note: The format for publishing these results seems to be double-pronged at this point. So for further results, and editions of my Humane Connection project, all results will be published in 2 sections: POEMS & RECOMMENDATIONS.

 In any situation, below my introduction here, you will find the beginning results to my Humane Connection project. Thank you to everyone who contributed poems & recommendations for the first round of this project. Cheers to the poets, cheers to poetry.




A Daily Ritual

Making a good bowl of oatmeal Takes time; is like making an altar,
An offering of gratitude to the body:
Soaking the oats while making tea, preferably chamomile with Rosemary, let them sit for a while to take in the water.
After drinking tea, opening the pot, turning on the flame and stirring.
Stirring until it all becomes one mass,
Slowly pouring in the cinnamon and the anise until brown, until thick, Until it is a reflection of your own body’s need to be present in the world.
Then carefully scooping it from the pot to the bowl, sprinkling Chia seed and flax,
Topping with strawberries, blueberries and walnuts,
Dancing around the bowl
As if a Buddhist monk painting the ground with the sands of time,
Possessed like by some Holy Spirit,
Knowing this creation has already nourished your body in its making.

Sherese Francis @afutureancient




Sunday sunrise

Day opens
as peach
salsa, maybe orange
juice on the horizon. Sweet
peppers and hot
sauce simmer
with eggs over
easy while cooling on a light
blue plate.

K Weber @midwesternskirt





An orange
the imperfect
of an uncle
catching nothing
on the lake
just the eating
we return

Barton Smock @bartonsmock




Sometimes i take it & run
Sometimes it's already running

A fried egg slick
off the pan
over grits
with salt & pepper

Peanut butter toast
with banana slices
spark the spirit

Cereals loaded with sugar
are no good for the teeth

I knew a cat who used to take
a 12oz can of orange soda
97 cents a pop at the time
Every morning I'd see him
Turning more & more orange

Daniel Cyran @saintredwoodpoems





I’m hypoglycemic so breakfast is a must, unless I want to pass out. Most days it’s Earl Gray tea & oatmeal, but often it’s an omelette, or eggs and toast and a meat like sausage or bacon. Or waffles, I love waffles.

Joel Dias-Porter @djreneg8d




Oatmeal. Keeps me uninflamed.

Joe Hall @joe_hall_joe_hall

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