Friday, October 14, 2022

I wrote a poem after seeing a friend's artwork...


Untitled, by Koss

after Koss

is it the rage of the gods 
or is mother Earth simply a woman who won't be fucked with
the drunken gods mad with humanity
this planet Earth at the brink of inhabitability
an alien species siphoning oxygen from the soil to study on a distant planet
the engine of time & space reckoning with parallel universes
dust in the wind candles in the mind fortresses in the hidden air
clouds made from fists in circles drumming dust on the moon dust in the air dancing thorn’d music
dust yet to become reigning limitation
i feel my own size everywhere standing breadth depth everywhere circling revolving 
orbiting the unbegun
i'm begging! 
the sky is the window to the soul!
with my eyes two overflowing begging bowls
the sky is the window to the soul!
who's inside looking out who's outside looking in—
owl eye sees it coming from miles away
knows what will happen before it happens
owl eye seized in becoming 
cloaked in reverie
stillness overthrown omni 
2,000 hands in the sky drumming cyclones birthing magnanimous 
a headless chicken in a cosmic yard of ascension
the air prefers swarms of altitude
Kali flowers build & destroy middle paths a peeling back of the senses' white knuckles 
on the wheel of good fortune
on guard the god of thunder tired of heard not seen like a dumb thief surges of wind unforgotten 
the mind of universal wisdom
the unseen's lifting the air with the same wisdom woman is able to lift a car for child
two invisible hands in the sky above the clouds kneeling to nothing singing crumbling 
overthrowing stillness 
cyclones orb across landscapes cycles writing on the wall civilization ain't civilized
signs of the times signs of the ages from blue to gray blink betrayal of gilded reverence 
the rainbow's totem invisible crown of nature
womb of creation  
oscillating crumbling the tight rope between known & unknown 
listen to crow raven dirge proto crown rain dance epitome 
surges of silence darkness proto 
gray is the color of boundless gray abundance gray in between gray the middle path gray the living through experience gray the answer to the question in the form of a question Gibraltar will heed 
Stone Henge will weep the way you approach gray is who & what you are

INCARNATIONS © 2022 Daniel Cyran

Koss (she, them, they) is a poet, writer and artist. Their work can be found on the web via