Daniel Cyran is attempting to resuscitate the unconscious mind within his being. If there are any individual or collective reverberations felt from these attempts, poetry will have prevailed. 



“Daniel Cyran, taking on expanded lingual possibility, a scope is not only magnified, but gathers power not unlike an empowered maze of currents that somehow not unlike intangible sums that equate with water or fire.”

- Will Alexander (Author of Refractive Africa and DIVINE BLUE LIGHT)

“This voice triples the energy of sentience. This poet interrogates everything. The structurally varied poems here are feral, streetwise, self-examining, tree-flavored. Systemic corruption and injustice are railed against. Love and life are magnified and celebrated. Attentive humor blends with seriousness. Daniel Cyran is rooting for rebels and visionaries everywhere. Why not? His art is a testament to the power of spirituality and carnal visitations. He is a harbinger of hope.”

- Uche Nduka (Author of
Bainbridge Island Notebook and SCISSORWORK)



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