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Daniel Cyran believes in the human spirit and the capacity therein to create goodness. He edits Anvil Tongue Books. 

I originally began this writing journey at the age of 10, circa 1996. Writing poems and jokes, and telling off-the-cuff fables & funny stories to my classmates in the library to pass the time. 

Since then, I went on to teach & lead poetry workshops within hospitals, day treatment facilities, psychiatric wards and libraries across the west coast of the United States. Somewhere along the line I became disabled. In 2020, I created the opportunity to edit and manage a small press & online magazine called Anvil Tongue Books. Stark & Saint Redwood is dedicated to growing my client list for editorial services, documenting & preserving my unpublished works, as well as promoting new & forthcoming publications. 

During my formative years, I spent quite a lot of time traveling the west coast of the United States, through California to Oregon and up to Washington and British Columbia. I was born in Sacramento, and spent quite a lot of time in the Redwood National Forests of Northern California as well. 

It is my belief that all trees in general, and specifically these Redwood trees, have earned their sainthood. The name for the blog came to me about 2 hours ago from writing this, and it rings true in the moment, so I'm rolling with it.

From Meridian-Webster's Dictionary:

Definition of stark (Entry 2 of 2)

1in a stark manner
2to an absolute or complete degree WHOLLY

Definition of saint

 (Entry 1 of 2)

1one officially recognized especially through canonization as preeminent for holiness abbreviation St.