Tuesday, January 24, 2023

DC reads from Anvil Tongue online editions (YouTube)

For Stark & Saint Redwood's YouTube channel, I read some poems last night. Opening with a reading from this website, which is followed up by readings of past online editions of Anvil Tongue, including poems by: Joshua Merchant, David Hay, Anthony Seidman, Rusty Morrison, Angela Acosta, Paula Cisewski, James Cagney, Heller Levinson.

Anvil Tongue, a small press and online poetry publisher, can be found on the web, here.

Sunday, January 22, 2023


One true glimpse of this candle
Is more philosophy than thousands of words from Wittgenstein

I spit at the books of each & every dead philosopher
(except for Nietzsche who is alive, bless him)
Too many words, too many thoughts
You bastards did nothing!
But think about thinking!
You sicken me more than red spiders hatching eggs behind my eyes!
You sicken me more than people portraying snakes!
You sicken me more than money! More than myself!

Someone please forgive me
I'm bored with the poets
Constantly on about what is and isn't poetry

This morning reading Jim Harrison again:
"One day my love I'll see your body from the left side of my face"

I'm going to sleep, not at all right in the mind
Wake me up with a philosophy that reckons with the primacy of experience
Wake me up with a philosophy simple & to the point

One true glimpse of this candle
And I touch the ashes these words are destined to become—

A RELATIVE MADNESS © 2023 Daniel Cyran

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

DC Reads Michael Lee Rattigan, Alejandra Pizarnik, Barton Smock, and Charles Simic

Fuck it, I'm doing this. This time around I will try my best to not delete my channel, ha.

The truth is I was struggling with my art, with my poems for the better part of 2022. So one way I figured to lend myself a bit more kindness, and patience; is to record some of my time with other poets and their work. I hope documenting this in a readings series will be beneficial, both to myself, and perhaps, to anyone out there who may stumble upon these videos.

Please forgive the rambling, as speaking on camera is not exactly my forte right now, and I think I woke up a bit towards the middle of the reading. One problem I had with my previous video readings is that they felt too scripted. Too mechanized, so I wanted to try an impromptu reading @ 10 p.m. -- going off the cuff and just riffing a bit. 

Anyways, I chose to group these poets together because they seem to be of similar ilk. There seems to be a common thread woven throughout the poets presented here tonight. Since this was totally impromptu, it is highly possible that further meditations will likely happen off-camera. 

Without further ado though, here's the video of my reading of Michael Lee Rattigan's Liminal, Alejandra Pizarnik's Extracting the Stone of Madness, Barton Smock's rocks have the softest shadows, and Charles Simic's The World Doesn't End