Friday, February 2, 2024

HAWK (poem)


you come around & the others flutter flatter fled
red eye fly & all your eyes in the mind hidden
by strange instances & not an ounce of human technological impatience
& spiritual impotence can i ask you why the unconscious
stop me if i'm repeating myself why the unconscious
drips from your descent onto this chainlink fence
where did you get these wings you come around & a moment
is crystalized into the invisible serum of air into vision remembering
solidifying ties to the otherside above & beyond you look
down on human affairs with...what? i do not mean to startle
you with these questions, tell me though, where is the river's
return what do you think of the police on every corner or
cameras at the stop light or beggars asking for too little or
too much how much of vertigo colludes with a sense of dee-rection,,, these deserts
our brothers & sisters in the air in the mind of all in the moon
hanging on to a cloud a crowd hanging on to your no words no mind
no spoon no bending is it not you responsible for the wind through eucalyptus through
yer answers are no answers but the lilac & the river's mouth but these deserts
crowned the back of my hand i know yer aura dear brother i know yer
flight is divine & from there one can only negate as to the what,,, yer flight is no moving picture
yer flight is not an emerald or a diamond spit out by earth's dirty tongue no yer flight
is not resuscitations of the primal unconscious you come around & the moment slides off
the clock to the floor & time becomes a peach pit darkened by the timeless & human beings desirous of all things all at once & human priorities & does contradiction also rule yer universe are we
under the same sun & do you ever see a star in the sky & wonder who what you are & how,,,

*Note: HAWK (poem) is included in my debut poetry collection, RESUSCITATIONS. Click here to order your copy.

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