Sunday, January 28, 2024


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what are you looking at in yr night of 1,000 eyes?
in yr flight patterns of daylight & mountains becoming specks
what body would you be? if not for this gray vessel
twitching & fanning in the wind, hope, our lost brother of the unbeaten path—
every time i walk down this road a voice in my mind becomes a flower in my mind
so far the bouquets are numberless all singing the same song all singing
when i turn my face to the sun you are there like a stark reminder of things forgotten long ago
& this is the ledge of memory: present becomes past
no matter that a woman's thigh is momentarily a meadow
or that i embarked upon a transdimensional visionquest out-of-body
the first time a woman revealed to me her legs in lace
that we can momentarily leave the body while still mentally attached to it is no small thing
or that you, pigeon, exist
coding the air around you with song spirit instinct the will to be imbibed inside something within yrself too deep & heavy for words to carry
i’m walking with my dead across the atlantic ocean back to the motherland
i'm dialing back telephone numbers of friends who died in the 90's to say i love you one more time
i'm reciting my song from the mouths of many rivers, enough weed in my lungs to recreate the feeling of my first kiss, first fuck and first high at the same time
i'm saying this poem for her hand to move south as soon as possible
i'm saying a prayer for handshake drug dealers everywhere to get their own marketing departments
i'm saying a prayer for the stick men on every street corner to take up olympic fencing & become experts in growing organic arugula instead
because there isn't enough light in this, any of this
, to truly discern what i come from, what human beings come from
where i'm going, where humanity is going—
pretty soon the rooster's morning job will be out-sourced to a machine
if by the time you're reading this it hasn't already happened
the poet dies with a soul in flight & no money to his name
the poet lives as a wraith to the masses a ghost to deception stalking deceit with true words like a thief in the night patiently awaiting the big score
it is you, pigeon, holding the world together like some kind of drunken atlas seeing double breathing enchanted with the light of all creation
you majestic gleamer you beneficent dream you wildlook uncertain work of art you embody flight you marvel without pause
O you who can look at human chaos & see none of yrself!


there are times when anything can happen—
hear my prayer O rippled cardinal
in the air you are adjacent to what is, what is not sheds from yr carnival of vision
unforeseen in the glacial kingdom of cracked Nazareth
hear our prayer O candlelit agony in strange rivers of sight
fear my fist O sullen sunspots in time
aeons rising walking the plank of my breath
read as a night flying sideways across yr window pane scoreless
plop! into & out of the mind
plop! into & out of the air
with the same leap
with the same breadth
with the same reason
there are places where the heart grows cold
my heart on the tip of my tongue
i'm eating the arctic circle
i'm swallowing forests of night burning inside yr skull
i'm eating water shitting sunlight pissing mountains
trust me, there will be enough room in heaven for the piano player's ash tray
another genius playing to an empty room
another angel consumed with ancient questions landmining the paths to invisible halos
the trauma unit and the bread aisle
biding for angels of logic & reason to focus all eyes upon the air & its walls
midnight moon on the otherside of my mind
two cherry tomatoes in my kitchen which is not yr kitchen
please stay in yr own kitchen and don’t bring me to yr kitchen, poet,
too many unwashed maps in the sink of yr mind
i'm tearing down the nearest nebula the fattest light the furthest tongue
i don't care about yr white china plates or the fat oranges in the juicer
somewhere someone is shaking their fist at something bigger than themselves
if the candle factory doesn't replace the battering ram factory by the time i'm done writing this
there's a good chance all of us are completely and utterly sharked from the gravity of the situation
—to say of the heart & a vast world in the same sentence?
in 2002, i began peeling back the layers of this planet one blade of grass and one bit of Earth at a time
in 2002, i meditated on stalactites for the whole year & fell in love with every woman i saw on 10th St
every day repeating my smile for strange meanings for strange reasons
every word a trojan horse approaching fortresses of silence & stillness
every tongue a flash of thunder briefly thread through kindling of nightfall & the generosity of yer dreams

Note: These poems are included in my debut poetry collection, RESUSCITATIONS. Click here to order a copy of my first book.

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